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  • RENU is my one stop shop for beauty treatments. They do everything from luxurious facials with Melissa to laser treatments with Carri. My skin and body has never looked better. Thank you RENU!

    M.P. Laguna Niguel, CA
  • I have been their client for 3 years. They always take the time to answer my questions and help me make informed decisions. Let me start by saying I have really bad problem skin and years of scarring. I have received many services from facials, chemical peels, and laser treatments. I even use their skin care line and the results of the last three years have been amazing! If your unsure about using this facility, don’t think twice. Just go! Your skin will love you for it!

    Jennifer A. Aliso Viejo, CA
  • I went to Renu Facial and Body Aesthetics for botox and laser hair removal because I heard from a friend how clean and professional they were. They exceeded my expectations and I will never go anywhere else! They did an excellent job and I received great advice on skin care. I am going back in a week for a cellulite treatment. The prices are more than fair, and they have great specials!

    Maranda H, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  • I have known this spa for years and finally had the VI Peel and OMG my skin looks amazing! Carrie and Melissa are fantastic for all your aesthetic needs. Check them out ladies and gentlemen you will be so pleased with your results.

    Joedda B, Dana Point, CA
  • I went to Renu last week using one of the online coupons and was so pleased! I highly recommend this office for anything you need done. They really take the time to explain each procedure and are very informative. The office is immaculate and has a very relaxing atmosphere. I am going back today….

    Martha H, Crystal Lake, IL
  • I agree with another reviewer, I wish I could give Renu 10 stars. Carrie and Melissa are professional, caring and always so welcoming. I have had numerous procedures with Carrie and numerous facials with Melissa and I’ve always left feeling pampered and wonderful. They provide top quality services at reasonable prices. Check them out, they are genuinely lovely.

    Presley W, San Clemente, CA
  • I agree with everyone here. This is huge, since I am a Jersey girl and trust no one. Melissa was forthright, didn’t oversell, even when I wanted to buy some products, she said I didn’t need them! This makes me want to use and recommend them more.

    I had gotten a facial and microdermabrasion (first time) and was completely awestruck with the results. This was the best facial extraction I have had even compared tosome fancy-high end locations and has this done.

    Can’t wait for my next appointment in a month! So awesome!

    Marilyn B, Mission Viejo, CA
  • SERVICE – Micro-peel (microdermabrasion followed by light chemical peel) through a $49 special (half price) from Screaming Daily Deals. Melissa (aesthetician for my appt.) treated me NO differently with my “deal” and my experience was incredible.

    She was kind about my skin (I needed at LEAST a facial & extractions) and didn’t sound negative or “Oh wow, it’s been a while…” type of thing. After inquiring about my current routine and products, she affirmed me vs.scaring or shaming me into a new regimen, products or treatments today.

    RECEPTION – Office is immaculate, beautiful and comfortable. I was greeted by name, paperwork ready and I was offered a water. As I filled everything out, Melissa inquired if I’d had this service before, (I had – 5 years ago, in a series of 3 treatments) then explained the appointment and asked about past spa experiences; what I liked and related what may be similar and different.

    STAFF – Both Melissa and Carrie (owner – she is a nurse, I believe) were professional and upbeat. Recently, I’ve noticed other spas/salons make negative or boastful comparisons to local competitors in an attempt to confirm their value. Probably a reaction to the economy, but the ladies at Renu were SO positive and professional – refreshing!

    They educated me about my visit, products used during and what to expect in days following. Products recommended for aftercare were provided in sample size and I was told to TRY them to see if I liked them vs. trying to sell me a new skincare line site unseen.

    MY EXPERIENCE – Renu has an UN-intimidating, non-pushy atmosphere. Many spas sell, sell , sell and push hard to sell product, upgrade your service and book a followup. Renu (and Melissa) did NOT do that!


    She asked what products I use, (I’m a deal shopper – everything from Obagi, Origins, Dermalogica to Avon & Neutrogena) and recommended a few items in conjunction with what I have. She described other (more in-depth) services when I asked, but at no time made me feel I “needed” more than I was getting.

    PURCHASE & NEXT STEPS – She made her recommendations one time and I asked to purchase vs. being coerced. I purchased a retinol treatment/cream ($50-60) after wards and tipped on full value of the service (vs. the cost of the deal). I got a coupon for $-off my next visit, detailed aftercare instructions and encouragement to call with skin questions at any time.

    I wanted to return for 2-3 more micro-peels (before my wedding this fall). Based on recommendation, I’ll instead likely opt for ONE stronger peel + micro (*VI Peel), which cost LESS than what I planned overall. I also may use her for my wedding makeup now.

    The BEST part was that I walked in looking casual (like crap, actually – ha) with a coupon and seemingly the “cheap, coupon” client. I was treated to a wonderful time. Because of that, they just made a lifelong client – I am super impressed and can’t wait to go back!

    Jennifer G, Irvine, CA
  • Love these ladies!! The facility is very clean, smells divine (like a spa) and the esthetician and nurse (Melissa and Carrie) are the NICEST EVER! I love that Carrie is honest and doesn’t try to just up-sell clients. If she truly doesn’t think you need something she will not suggest it. She also manages to tactfully offer suggestions without making you feel like an old leather saddle. (I.E. she kindly noticed my sun damage on the driver’s side of my body from commuting to work in the morning! – I would have NEVER noticed this yet she didn’t make me feel stupid or ugly and came across compassionate and loving). LOVE IT HERE!

    Courtenay C, Dana Point, CA
  • Renu is a lovely oasis tucked away in San Juan ~
    Immaculate, peaceful ~ simply pristine ~

    Several months ago and subsequent to reading
    YELP reviews on behalf of Renu; I booked a consult
    to determine best options for my somewhat ravaged

    Carrie spent a remarkable amount of time gathering
    information; both medical and lifestyle ~

    In this world of instant gratification I was deeply grateful
    for her expertise, cautionary approach, and ability to work
    within budget. Not one moment passed where she
    exhibited any desire to ‘close a sale’. In contrast
    she was empathetic, knowledgeable and to this
    I am extremely grateful

    Melissa spoke with me as well and that too was
    an absolute pleasure.

    I look forward to moving ahead with them and know
    they will offer the finest most efficient skin rejuvenation

    Mary W, San Clemente Ca