Exilis™ Laser for Body Contouring and Skin Tightening

Stubborn fat deposits and areas of the skin affected by wrinkling and cellulite can be effectively treated without surgery and with no downtime. Patients with small areas of excess fat, as well as those who are affected by cellulite and wrinkling in specific body regions, can see significant improvement with a series of painless Exilis™ laser treatments. And since this technique does not involve surgery, the procedure requires no recovery time. Plus, for many people, the treatment itself is quite pleasant!

How Exilis Laser Works:

The Exilis™ laser technique involves no incisions, anesthesia, or invasive surgical methods. The treatment utilizes radio-frequency waves and electrical current to generate heat in the areas targeted for treatment. For patients looking to reduce small areas of excess fat, the Exilis™ laser releases liquefied fat from fat cells and shrinks them, with the goal of creating a more contoured appearance. In patients who are looking to attain tighter skin and/or reduced wrinkling in certain areas, the Exilis™ technique works to stimulate new collagen by generating heat under the skin. The procedure can also be effective in smoothing out areas of the face and neck.