Brilliant Distinctions Program

Join the Brilliant Distinctions Program today for benefits  and savings.

Sign Up Now for your Free 200 Points (Value $25)

  •  Sign up now for 200 bonus points
  •  Get your activation code from our office with a simple phone call, then sign up online at
  •  Accumulate points with your Botox treatments
  •  Redeem points to create a coupon and use that coupon for any Allergan treatment or product in our office
  • Your first 200 points will be instantly redeemable for a $25 coupon on your next Botox visit to our office.  See full directions below

Brilliant Distinctions Loyalty Program

Brilliant Distinctions is a Consumer Loyalty Program offered by Allergan, the makers of Botox, Juvederm and Latisse.  Points are earned for each Botox treatment. These points can then be used to create a coupon that you can apply not only toward your future Botox treatments but also toward Juvederm treatments or to purchase Latisse, or any other Allergan products.  (Currently the program only allows you to earn points from your Botox treatments.  Point accumulation for Juvederm will begin in the early summer.) As you continue to receive Botox treatments, you will see a larger savings. Point awards increase as your treatment numbers add up.  (See Point Redemption Values below.)

Treatments 1 and 2 200 points
Treatments 3, 4,and 5 250 points
Treatments 6,7, and 8 300 points
Treatments 9, 10 and 11 350 points
Treatments 12 and up 400 points

How Do I Register for the Program?

How Do I Register for the Program?
Instant Registration – Get 200 points immediately as a sign up bonus (Value $25)

To receive your 200 points and get your account set up before coming in, call our office for your personal activation code
949.487.3200.  Then log on to:, and input the activation code you received from our office.

You must access your Brilliant Distinction online account to be able to track your points, input voucher codes and print coupons, so be sure to keep a record of the registration email you used and your password.

What Do I Have to Do to Earn Points?

To begin earning points with each Botox Treatment, make sure you are registered on the Brilliant Distinctions Website. Once you are registered advise our staff that you are a participant. The staff will input your treatment information into the Brilliant Distinctions program each time you have a treatment.

You will receive an automated email from Brilliant Distinctions which includes your points award and a special voucher code. This code must be input into your Rewards account in order to bank your points. There will be link to the program website in the email. Sign into your account, input the emailed voucher code and your points will be banked. Please do this right away as the email code will have an expiration date.

How Many Points Do I Need to Redeem a Coupon?

Here is a chart.

200 points $25.00 coupon
300 points $35.00 coupon
400 points $50.00 coupon
500 points $65.00 coupon
575 points $75.00 coupon
725 points $100.00 coupon
850 points $125.00 coupon
950 points $150.00 coupon
1100 points $195.00 coupon
1450 points $320.00 coupon

How Do I Get Coupons To Use For My Treatments?

Just prior to coming to the office for a Botox treatment, log onto your account in the Brilliant Distinctions Website and choose “Redeem Points”. Brilliant Distinctions Log In Link The screen will show you how many points you have available to you. Make your selection as to how many points you would like to use and Click “Create Coupon” Print this coupon and bring to your Botox treatment This amount will then be taken off your Botox treatment charge.

What Happens If I Forget to Print a Coupon?

Since this is not a program created and maintained by our office, we can not honor any discounts offered by the Brilliant Distinctions Program unless a printed coupon is presented at the time of the Botox treatment. We do not administer the program so unfortunately we have no power to make exceptions.

Do I have to do anything after the treatment?

Yes, Once you have received your Botox treatment our staff will let the program know that you have received a treatment. The Brilliant Distinctions Program will then email you a voucher with the points earned by having this Botox treatment. Please note that there is an expiration date on the voucher. We suggest that you immediately upon receiving the voucher in the email, log onto the website and “bank” the points so that they will be available to you for your Botox treatments. If the voucher is not redeemed prior to the expiration date, these points will be lost and there is nothing our office can do to get them back for you since we do not administer the program.

Do the Points Expire?

Yes. It is important to realize that the points have not been added to your profile until after you redeem the voucher issued from your Botox treatment. The expiration date of the voucher will be printed on the voucher you receive in the email. Once the points are “banked” the program states that these points will remain active in your profile as long as you have either deposited or redeemed points within 2 years. Our office can not make allowances for expired vouchers or points since The Brilliant Distinctions Program is administered by the Allergan Corporation.

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